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Client quotes - Acupuncture

"Hi Maurice. I always meant to write you a testament to your work, and I never did. Thanks to your help with acupuncture I now have a 20 month old! I tell everyone my story and how the herbs and acupuncture helped!"

- Reegan

Marjorie arrived at the Wellness Clinic in severe pain after having undergone an operation in January 2016 to remove part of her Large Intestine due to Crohn’s disease. “I had so much pain, I was giving up,” she explained. “I could not work and was ready to retire from my job as a nurse. But after only two treatments of acupuncture with Maurice I have no pain. It’s awesome. I can’t believe it. I am back to work. My co-workers can’t believe it. I have my life back. Maurice is my angel, my miracle worker.”

- Marjorie

"I have had chronic pain for years. A friend recommended Maurice. He performed a series of allergy therapy treatments following his diagnosis. The pain virtually disappeared! First time anyone could fix this in six years! Thank you."

- D.

"When I started coming to the Wellness Clinic for acupuncture I had not been able to go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement for the previous five or six days without taking colon cleanser pills. I had constant discomfort and pain. It was just amazing what happened. Since the third treatment I have been having a bowel movement at least once a day and sometimes more."

- Bonita

“After the Stop Smoking treatment, the feeling of well-being was amazing. I experienced no nicotine withdrawal. It is the easiest of all stop smoking methods I have tried hands down. I am by nature a skeptic, but I am absolutely convinced acupuncture works.”

- Bev

"It's been over 2 years since I had my Stop Smoking session with Maurice and still no cravings. I truly have become a non-smoker. Thank you for changing my life."

- Nicole

Client Quotes - Facelifts

"I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. van Aardt... I trust him emphatically for his invaluable advice... I have never felt more confident with my appearance and constantly receive compliments on how well I look. This is all due to Dr. van Aardt's expertise in the field of beauty combined with his kind and positive demeanor. Thank you, Dr. van Aardt, for providing me with more self-confidence on life's journey."

- Elisabeth

"I am very happy with the treatment results. Dr. van Aardt gives me confidence in the art of fillers as he takes great pride in what he does. Thank you for helping me look my best."

- Denise

“I so look forward to my treatment as it refreshes and empowers me. "Look Good -- Feel Good" says it all. It was so great to see Dr. van Aardt, the true "Master" in treatment, a truly incredible Doctor.”


"I went to outpatients for tests and when the nurse asked my age, she looked puzzled and said: You're 63 ? Then after the test, the Doctor said: We thought you were 53 ! Thank you Dr. Van Aardt for the new me and the confidence I've gained."

"I can hardly believe that after three weeks, my face is even smoother. These are the best cheekbones that our genius Dr. van Aardt has ever created for me! Thank you so much for the new method of tweaking my cheeks. It REALLY worked. Everyone should know that Dr van Aardt is the best !"

"I just had my second treatment with Doctor van Aardt and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Friends comment on how good I look. I am thankful to him for his honest advice, understanding and expertise.''

"I am so very pleased with my treatment from Dr. van Aardt. He is a truly an amazing Doctor and expert in advising precisely what is needed to obtain excellent results. I leave my beauty enhancement to him and have never been happier... In addition to being an expert, he is such a kind and compassionate man."

Client Quotes - Qi Gong

"Insightful, transformational and instructive, the principles of the Qi Therapy Course guide the aspiring student in demonstrating the ancient art of Qi Gong in client treatment. Featuring special techniques compatible with any healing modality which further connects the practitioner to their intuitive gifts."

- James

"Very interesting and pleasant class. Incredible depth. The instructor covered lots of material, all you must know to be a successful healer. Maurice is an excellent teacher who makes the class energizing and refreshing. Felt lots of Qi."

- Louise

"I found the Qi healing techniques quite helpful to facilitate healing in my client. I notice an overall increase in my energy and well-being. Maurice's energy is very powerful."

"Complete, through and well explained. Beautiful depth of practice. Maurice has a full sense of understanding of the material presented and a genuine open heart."

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